09 avril 2009



Rome capital of Italy but also a very beautiful city. Over the centuries, Rome has seen several empires several important personalities. When we say Rome on pense tout de suite a al'empire Roman Julius Caesar, in fact Rome was also the capital of the Roman Empire that controlled the entire Mediterranean Sea. Good short .... Stop talking about history, you think I have a story to tell. This is a trip that I made for fun in Rome. What I did on 12 June. Euuh ... Oops sorry I forgot to tell you how I am (so I was in my story I forgot to tell you that my name is Nicolas) and I from Morocco a beautiful country with a very very amazing traditions.

Fiumicino Airport at 20:45 (Here is a picture I took for you upon my arrival). Honestly the flight was very disastrous. There are too much shaking, too much noise but the flight was very long and I was badly seated. I sat beside a man of about 2m (no, no it's true I don't laughing), with the face full of scars and huge muscles. With every movement that I was. He frowned eyebrows and stared at me violent.


My first place here in Italy and specifically in Rome. I came here to spend 1 beautiful week; you tell me that much, but it's too soon to visit Rome is bursting with historical monuments, museums, amusement park.

Hotel check-in, 21:30, I arrived a funny thing (don't laugh please) just returned to the hotel I slipped, I fell and my bag is open. All eyes were riveted on me, not all half laughing at me (I was so ridiculous!!!). You've seen it's really ridiculous. I collected all my things and then I went to my room. My first impression was a cry "WAW! It's very beautiful! . The walls were filled with wallpaper in the colors of Italy, the bed was huge but there was a beautiful view overlooking a golden beach. I took several photos.


I immediately wanted to visit Rome. To my amazement I saw a city disorganized (it was not a pretty sight). At 22h I took a taxi (the driver we do not trust inspired me). I made me suspicious because 10 minutes later he was stopped by police for speeding. At that moment I decided to eat at a small local restaurant, with the effigy of a cow (Vacca, in Italian). Pleasant surprise this restaurant to look mediocre proposed any kind of meat.


I wanted to interest in trying to speak Italian, only problem is the waitress was French and is laughing at my Italian. In total it cost
my £ 25. At 23h I was back to the hotel for a good night's sleep.


The next day, waking up at 9am and then preparing to 10:30 in the city. This time, the direction south, towards the Colosseum. Along the way, I try many times to find the Domus Aurea and the Baths of Trajan ... It is finally by chance, having abandoned, we find the narrow entrance to visit this house gold (She's beautiful). Only problem bought tickets to the Colosseum, and tours are in English. Everything is therefore postponed to a day later, given the number of people queuing .... 11am I was up to the Coliseum ....


I discovered for the first time in the real Colosseum and the Arch of Constantin. It was beautiful. At 14h I tried to take the subway (colosseo) I took the ticket for 14:30. In the meantime I went to MacDonald (which cost me over £ 50) when I tried to sit me a lady, I fell head on the shelf (my head was in a right mess) misfortune always another I missed the subway (I'm not lucky).

Finally I had to return early from vacation (still no luck). This greatly enjoyed my trip.It was beautiful
I spent a good time. And I hope you enjoy this blog.


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    HI magiquo I love your blog at Roma because I love this city and I lived here.


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